Contactless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Stainless Steel Body
Fire Proof
Easy to Handle
Drainage System for Overfill
Glass Finishing
Quick Sanitizing Process
Cost Effective

How It Works

Place your hands below the bottom of the dispenser

Fixed 5ml sanitizer gets sprayed in mist form

Dispenser becomes ready for the next person quickly within 3 seconds


Sanitizer                  : Any Liquid Sanitizer can be used in this dispensing machine. 

Capacity                    : The tank in the machine has capacity of 5 Litre Sanitizer.

Dispense                 : Every Dispensing cycle is of 4-5 ml approximately, the machine can work for 1000 hand                                             sanitization cycles in one full refill.

Installation             : Three step installation process :

                                      1. Fill the tank with sanitizer

                                      2. Fix the machine on the wall

                                      3. Plug in to standard electric socket.

Sanitizer Refilling  : The window on the front panel show the level of liquid sanitizer in the machine. Simply                                               pour the sanitizer in the top tank to refill. Its Indicated by green, Yellow and red.

Operation                : The Blue Light indicate the power supply. The green light on the bottom shows the                                                       successful operation.

Warranty                 : One Year (Warranty against any manufacturing defect.)


Technology                            : Micro Controller based ultrasonic sensor

Application                            : Touch free hand sanitization

Mode of operation                : Automatic mist mode

Usage                                    : Domestic & Commercial

Weight                                   : 7.5 Kg with empty tank

Product Dimension              : H - 500mm, D- 165mm, W-250mm

Tank / Storage                     : 5 Litre


Power Input                         : 230V AC, 5 Amp.


Installation                          : Wall Mounted


Sanitization Time               : 5 Seconds approx.


Body                                    : Stainless Steel


Flow Rate                           : 5 ml for each operation


Pump Power                      : 5-6 bar, Made by Luxer India.


Operation Area                  : To be installed under shed to avoid direct sunlight to prevent overheating.






Tel: 945-170-9675


9 Takrohi Bazaar,

Indira Nagar, Lucknow

Uttar Pradesh 226016

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